Soundboard Studio

Settings panel

settings-helpThe first thing you’ll see in the Settings panel is the Help & support option, you can use this to navigate to our online help and support page. This page is always being updated with common questions, and lets you contact us if you have any specific question.

settings-defaultsNext, is the Default track settings which lets you apply advanced track settings to all newly imported tracks. Lean more here →

settings-fadeoutNext, is the Fade-out duration option. This lets you specify the length of time that a track will fade out if it’s stopped manually, stopped by another track or stopped using the Master fade out button.

settings-namesNext are the options to rename each of your four boards, these can be changed at any time. Think carefully about what to name your each of your boards, using one short word is usually best, as the navigation bar only has so much space before it has to cut-off or shorten your names.

settings-resetFinally we have the Reset “played” markers option, this as you might expect will reset any tracks that are currently marked as “Played” on all of your boards.