Soundboard Studio

Tour of the interface

UI-settingsStarting at the top left you’ll see the Settings button, these are more general settings for the app. You can also find a link to get help and support in here. Learn more about the Settings panel →

UI-rearrangeNext is the Rearrange button, this lets you rearrange the tracks in your soundboard. When you tap this button, all of your tracks will start to wiggle, and you’ll be able to drag and drop tracks into position.

UI-navigatorNext is the board navigator in the middle (this is in the lower toolbar on iPhone, as pictured above), this lets you move between the four sound boards, you can rename these in the Settings panel.

UI-plusAt the top right, the + button is important, this is how you add new tracks into your sound board. Learn more about adding tracks →

UI-helpNext (at the bottom left), is the Quick help button, this illustrates the interface and what everything means. There’s also another link in here that takes you to more help and support.

UI-mastersNext are the Master stop and Master fade-out controls, these will affect all tracks that are currently playing across all boards.